CooperVision Biomedics 55 Evolution

AUD$22.90 AUD$25.90

CooperVision Biomedics 55 Evolution is monthly disposable contact lens part of the Biomedics family of products. It provides a number of value-for-money contact lens wearing options. These range from daily disposable to monthly replacement contact lenses, including a daily disposable option for those with astigmatism.


Biomedics® 55 Evolution aspheric contact lenses are design to effectively control spherical aberration in the lens and human eye. Spherical aberration is the inability of a lens to focus light on a common point. That means Biomedics 55 Evolution contact lenses are able to focus light, providing clearer, crisper, sharper vision - regardless of the amount of correction required. At the same time, a thinner, patented edge design provides excellent comfort. Biomedics 55 Evolution delivers better vision, comfort, and proven performance.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • Enhanced image quality regardless of prescription
  • Patented edge design for better comfort
  • UV blocking protection*


Data Sheet:                                              

  1. SPH Power Myopia: -0.50 to -6.00D (0.25D steps); -6.50D to -10.00D(0.50D steps)
  2. Base Curve 8.60 mm
  3. Diameter 14.2 mm
  4. DK/T: 27
  5. Daily Wear Schedule, Monthly Replacement
  6. Packaging of 3 pieces per pack